Oddities of a Biological Anomaly

~ Monday, June 25 ~

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~ Thursday, June 14 ~

The less I feel somebody cares, the easier I find it to move on.

I tend to… accept people’s compassion, without really feeling it myself
(I think)

~ Tuesday, May 29 ~

I get warm and fuzzy feelings thinking about Sarah and looking at the
picture I took, thinking about how pretty she is..

I like her, I believe she likes me too, we’re to have a second date by
the River, gonna have a picnic :) I hope to sneak a kiss at some point

But I’ll go along with what feels natural, I just gotta man up at the
appropriate times and do it.. I managed to kiss her hand, as Greeting
and Goodbye, and I don’t think she thought it was odd,
she smiled instead

~ Monday, February 27 ~

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Oh.. Oh.. Oh? Um, what?


Here I sit, listening to Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger :p
I want to go over the enormity of what’s been happening the last few days.. submitting it to you, the reader, in the hopes that it drives you MAD


If only (If you do, totally record it, going all German Kid in your room)

Sorry, I’m feeling especially silly (When not?)
Change of music.. Let’s see if the Hush Sound will let the words flow..
Friday I was working with my Lumber for the many projects I have going on, and I realized I needed a drill guide and possibly a studfinder (I know I’m right here) so I headed down to Wattenbarger and decided to check in and renew my prescription in a Co Op on the way.. Went in, sat down with the owner..

Noticed he had a health shake on his desk, and that started an ongoing conversation about health food, the garden I’m growing, my wood projects, and general health.. He asked that I talk to a friend of his, Tara, who had huge GI tract problems. After reviewing her condition and thinking on my feet, I brought her some Kefir grains, and some Ultimate Probiotics.. and I’m happy to hear that there’s progress as of Sunday :)

We kept talking though, with his Girlfriend as well.. and the three of us very quickly got on the same brain frequency.. we had amazing conversations and became amazingly fast friends, especially once I told ‘em I was a Christian, at that point there were hugs exchanged :D

So what does all that mean?

That means I have amazingly positive, business owning, Godly friends who want me in their lives and feel absolutely blessed that I came into their lives as an answer to their prayers (that’s what they said :D )

We of course, hung out Saturday too :p We went to the Monastery Sunday, left at 6 AM for 8 AM Service.. met great people, I felt blessed.. cleansed.

The belief is Greek Orthodox, and it’s one which rather intrigues me, this “Correct Path” my Oma had talked about it before, the Orthodox Church, and I like it, I’m going to an actual in Bako service on Wednesday.

Kinda funny though, when they mentioned Greek Orthodox, I thought instantly of a girl I met at School who is Greek.. turns out, she’s the Daughter of the Father of their Church and when I saw her at the Monastery, we gave each other a pretty comical look of surprise.. yet, gladness, for sure, I think we were all glad to be there.. it was restorative, I’m blessed for having gone.

I abjured Satan, Confessed my Sins.. and received Forgiveness..

Will I sin again? Prolly, but my Lord is a Forgiving one.. and I know the life ahead of me is rough, but I will be Good, learn Humility, and truly repent when I stray..

That’s not at all a sufficient explanation of my beliefs on that subject, it’s something still forming, I’m not sure how to work it in, but I honestly suspect I’m over complicating it.. I’m going to see how it goes, I can’t say I’m 100% on any denomination.. but I love God.. Christ.. and the Holy Spirit (Who I still insist is the Universe)

I hope to never lose sight of him, I am Blessed. I appreciate his gifts and thank him for everything he’s ever given me, I’m not really worthy of it, so I will make it up to him with my service to others to make this world a better one.

If you need me, ask for me <3 I will help you!

Anyways.. so, My new friends are very willing to help me establish a business, get my garden going, and work with the church.. they’re also offering me work whenever I have time.. which sounds like a great deal for me :p I told ‘em I’d wear my Labcoat every day (Which clearly means… I NEED MORE LABCOATS! In Multiple colors.. with art on them.. Yeah, I’ll be that Hippy/Shaman/Scientist/Metalhead/Raver/Collegekid/Paladin/Bookworm/Nerdeekendork .. that we all need in our lives)


I went to the Sequoia national forest and ended up in Kings canyon on
accident. I played in Snow ;D I took a bunch of pictures with my new
friends Louie and Bridget. On on our way back to the car from our chill
spot I felt called to look for something, I picked up a small stick and
wondered if that was it, but I moved on, found a bigger stick, but moved
on.. then I found a can, grabbed it and felt like that was it, spotted
another and decided to pick it up too.. then I saw what looked like an oak
limb, just my size and a good weight. I grabbed it, it’s with me now.. I
feel like, having left the other long limb back there with a thank you and
a blessing, I upgraded from the Koriki to the Master sword.
Pretty cool.

~ Thursday, February 23 ~
This is pretty work safe so I hope for no complaints, plus, she&#8217;s gorgeous! I hope there&#8217;s photoshop, there&#8217;s no way she&#8217;s that pretty, maybe I&#8217;ll just have to look her up :p

Now I know what you&#8217;re thinking Riiva.
But despite what Josh says, it&#8217;s not creeper status.
It&#8217;s Google Stalking, get it right.

This is pretty work safe so I hope for no complaints, plus, she’s gorgeous! I hope there’s photoshop, there’s no way she’s that pretty, maybe I’ll just have to look her up :p

Now I know what you’re thinking Riiva.

But despite what Josh says, it’s not creeper status.

It’s Google Stalking, get it right.

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